Boman Irani Was ‘Appalled’ That People Don’t Know Who Kailash Satyarthi Is

In the upcoming Jhalki, directed by National Award-winning filmmaker Brahmanand Singh, actor Boman Irani plays Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi. The film is not a biography of the child rights activist, but it’s a small role about him that got the actor on board, “The story is mainly about a little girl who is in search of her brother, who is going to child slavery. I first got a text message from someone, and usually, I forward them to my manager but this really caught my attention, so I replied and told the person to tell me more, we then got on the phone. He started telling me who Kailash Satyarthi is, I told him to hold on and told him I know who he is, and I agreed immediately,” Boman Irani said.

What was shocking for the actor was what followed after he agreed to take up the role, “After agreeing to do the film, I got excited and called some friends, from the industry and even journalists who are my friends but they immediately asked me who he was? I was appalled, and that itself is a good reason to do this film,” Boman Irani said.

The 57-year-old actor has not met Kailash Satyarthi yet but is hoping he will get to meet him soon, “I want to meet him that’s the deal I cracked with the director, who knows Kailash well. I said I will do your film and you make me meet Kailash.”

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